Volume II, No 01

  Aim and Scope  

LepceyThe Journal of tropical Asian Entomology is a peer reviewed, open access and free* journal published on behalf of Habitat Conservation Initiative. The journal has a particular interest in studies of Lepidoptera and Odonata of tropical Asia but findings from all aspects of tropical insects and related arthropods are welcome.

Lepcey publishes research papers, short communications, review and mini-review articles, scientific notes and Checklists.  The Journal also includes book reviews.  

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* free to distribute and has no page charges

Publishing frequency

Each paper is published online soon after accepted and formatted. Accumulated papers are included in the coming issue in print and PDF files also available online. Papers required to meet ICZN code, such as new species descriptions, are published with the printed issue. Printed copies of the journal are submitted to selected leading libraries.



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From field notebooks and camera chips

We believe that your field notebooks and camera chips contain very valuable field information of

Distributions , abundance and new sightings

Check lists of species in protected areas and even in residential areas

Mating,  feeding, migratory, territorial and other behaviors

Life history: eggs, larvae, pupa, nymphs, host plants and other hosts of insects

Herbivory, nectivory, pollination and other insect - plant interactions

insect pests, parasites and parasitoids of insects, predatory insects, predators of insects and more...

Bringing them to light as 'Short Communications' or 'Notes' will fill many gaps in research and conservation of Entomo fauna in Tropical Asia.

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