Considering the diversity of article submissions, Journal of Tropical Asian Entomology (JTAE) expanded the interest as Journal of Tropical Entomology (JTE). JTE continues the volumes of JTAE. Journal is published in a separate website to meet the publishing standard. 



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Aim and Scope

Articles, Reviews, Short Communications and Scientific Notes are invited on topics relevant to the journal’s focus, including but not limited to:

  1. Arthropod ecology, biogeography, population dynamics, behaviour, biodiversity and conservation
  2. Arthropod–host and vector–parasite relationships and other microbial-Insect Interactions
  1. Agricultural pests, stored product pests, forest entomology, wood product pests, biological control, integrated pest and vector management
  2. Social insects, beneficial insects, commercial insects and socio-economics
  3. Forensic & medical entomology
  4. Arthropod taxonomy, phylogeny & systematics, descriptions and morphology
  5. Physiology, Biochemistry, genetics and genomics of insects
  6. Methods in insect research  


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